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I own more personal development books than I could ever read…

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I know, it's tough to hear but...

You Have To Face It -The Industry Has Got A Bad Name For Itself

False promises, manipulative sales tactics and the internet’s get-rich-quick mentality make people more cautious about where they buy.

Because no one likes to feel taken advantage of.

But it’s usually scammy, low-quality courses that seem to be everywhere…

And that magically reel in one client after another – only to leave them with a feeling of regret and frustration. 

So to stand out, you have to show that you actually care…

And prove that you’re the expert that so many others only claim to be. 

You have to show that you actually understand your audience.

That you know what they’re going through and which challenges and setbacks they experience along the way.

And you have to find the right words that convince your audience of exactly that.

Some Client Love

"Since March 2023, our collaboration with Daniel has been nothing but an amazing experience!
After just two months of working together, we were so impressed with the improvement in our funnel efficiency that we upgraded our email package.
Daniel's remarkable talent for capturing our founder's voice allowed us to smoothly delegate email management responsibilities, freeing up valuable time for our founder.

It has truly been a game-changer for us! Our tracking is a bit complicated with our product but we can attribute at least 400k to email since March.
Which equals over a 20 ROI. Worth every penny."
Dawson Wallace, Marketing Director at Merchant Mastery
"I've met dozens of so-called email and newsletter experts and either hired them or followed their recommendations, only to end up with generic copy that doesn't incite sales or interest.

Daniel is an absolute genius at what he does—he truly studies your voice and offers, and then creates copy that's original, snappy and exciting.

As a writing snob, I'm not easily impressed by people's skill with words and Daniel blew me away!."
Anna David, New York Times Best-selling author and founder of Legacy Launch Pad Publishing
"When I met Daniel, I was trying to write my own email sequences and doing a poor job of it.

He took the time to really get to know my story and my style, and our conversation was fun and productive. When he returned a prospective client email sequence to me, I was so pleased with how well it captured my voice and what made me unique in my field.

I’m confident in his ability to clearly express what my business is about and to connect with my customers. Thank you, Daniel, for taking the time to understand me and to write copy that’s 100 times better than what I was trying to do on my own. ."
Todd Payne, Personality and Relationship Coach at TrueSelf.io
"Daniel worked on a couple of projects for our brand when we were launching a new webinar. He is fast, responsive, excellent at taking feedback and turning it around, to embody the voice of the brand.. ”
Darami Coulter, Chief of Staff at Darren Hardy
"Daniel is extremely thoughtful in his approach to writing – he communicates the "why" behind his decision making in a very clear way that always leaves me knowing that not only is his writing clear, powerful and evocative, but it also is backed by sound principles of direct response.
Daniel is easy to work with, always delivers on time and takes feedback like a champ. He is a pleasure to work with and someone I will seek out for future projects."
Alyssa Fechner, Senior Copywriter at Tony Robbins
"Hiring Daniel as a copywriter for our Email Funnel and Facebook Ads was one of the best decisions in 2022.
He thinks very carefully about the target audience and the results are clearly reflected in the high conversion rates!
I have worked with several service providers in this area, but Daniel's reliability and marketing understanding sets him apart from most others."
Johanna F., Senior Marketing Manager in the Holistic Health Coaching Space
"Daniel created an email nurture sequence for me and I'm extremely happy with the results.

He came to our first call well prepared already having done a lot of research about my customer and knew the right questions to ask to create great content.

Working with him was stress free and he delivered quickly. I recommend Daniel if you're looking for someone who writes great copy, pays attention to detail, and is easy to work with. ”
Carrie Holt, Founder & Owner Of "Live Your Truth -High Sensory Coaching"
“Daniel helped us to write a landing page copy for the B2B SaaS Product in the Fintech industry. Daniel did great work and it was a pleasure to work with him.

He provided us with multiple revisions and was open to feedback and edits. Definitely recommend hiring Daniel to anyone who needs copywriting help.”
Nick Pilipchatin, Co-Founder of "Ventur Digital - B2B SaaS Website Design Agency"
“As an online marketing consultant, I maintain a close network of experts from various disciplines and came across Daniel in the course of a customer project.

I particularly liked the fact that he has a clear focus on direct response copywriting, which differs significantly from editorial content. Daniel's demeanor was professional and adaptive throughout.

He implemented feedback openly and quickly, so that we were able to implement his texts for various purposes in the shortest possible time to our complete satisfaction.

I would recommend Daniel for entrepreneurs and marketers who want to market their offering with a specific intent. Thank you for the cooperation and I look forward to further joint projects!”
Martin Kleimeier, Digital Marketing Specialist

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